Talking Heads

Hello Friends,,,,,  I was listening to The Talking heads earlier today and the line from a song of theirs came to mind, “I don’t have to prove that I am creative. “”

   Reading Katherine Monks book on Joni Mitchell, “Joni “… The creative Odyssey of Joni Mitchell and there it is again Creative…. cReAt i  vE……   We/I need to take responsibility for creating my own reality…. There it is every last little bit of it , I AM CREATING……  Ya Ok me that’s right me I am creating , there that feels good….

One of these days maybe I’ll tune into some deeper levels of being and write some really profound stuff…. but for now , this is as good as it gets…. Beautiful Huh!



Hello Friends

    Blogging, like breathing is something that comes naturally to me. I was reading a blog by Tad Hargrave and authenticity came into my mind. Tad does something called ” Niching for Hippies ” and I qualify, as a hippy that is or at least in my own mind.

     Enough for today…. One day soon I’ll break the barrier and write something really long and meaningful.   Stay tuned 

I blog therefore I am…

Hello Friends , Fellow Bloggers and curiousity seekers

I am afraid I am losing my edge or maybe I never had one in the first place. I actually did a little practice with Typing Tutorial today.   Yea….  A good start. Well actually I checked it out before but never did any practice. Hey this is kinda fun in a weird sort of a way.

You see what it is, is that I don’t really know who I am writing for. Kind of strange. Declare yourselves…. What? I didn’t hear you!  What do you mean I’m going looney hanging out all by myself on the Gulf Islands. Hey!!!   How about a new name! We’ve already officially renamed the Strait of Georgia the Salish Sea, Yea, so it’s high time we renamed the Southern Gulf Islands… Are you with me on this???   My readership.?

I think ya’ll must be a little crazy. Look what you are pulling out of me.   Actually the Gulf Island name change is a pretty sane idea.  OK, Bye for now..

Paul Monfette…. Author…” Woof “