Going Boldly Forward

     Well ok here I am back in the Blogisphere after a hiatus of too long for this developing writer. I have hit new levels of stuckness in the march toward publishing; unknown fears of success and who knows what else, besides the lack of funds, stopping me from plying the waters of the literary world.

 I move back into the bach pad with John and now Nathan, a writer sent to help and test me in a variety of ways, as he takes over my old room, set up by me, and gives me a book called, ” What is Stopping You ” by Rick Hoogendoorn, subtitle, ” Breakthroughs using The Work of Byron Katie “. I do the written work of finding what is in my blind-spot that is stopping me and presto call an editor I’ve known about for awhile who says yes he will work with me but is no longer around here and so our contact will have to be only over the internet. Not acceptable to me.

    Back to square one and last Saturday I meet a new editor and will call her tomorrow.

OK…. ” The Return of the Playful Warrior ” the play-shop I playsillitate is on with two starts, one last Wednesday and the next one in two days on the Oneness Wednesdays at The Church of Truth in Victoria BC so if you want to take in something fun, original never to be duplicated before or since then come on down…. Look it up on the Church Website.

This creation has been a real eyeopener… Don’t even worry about it, create, create, create, Get it out of your system!!!

Remember, we are just channels so don’t take it personally. When I saw Elizabeth Gilbert present regarding this on TED talks I thought YES we are only conduits, don’t take it personally. I was devastated when I got the first negative criticism of my new book, my new and as yet unborn child,  OMG, where is the bastard I will go and kill him and all his unborn relations, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY, easy for Elizabeth Gilbert to say.

     Going to the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival, a highlite of my summer, taught me that it’s a journey to don’t take it personally. Neo didn’t come to effortlessness overnight so keep plodding grasshopper.

   And with that this grasshopper will sign off for another night.

Blessing to all and to all a good night.

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