Solstice 2014

Happy Solstice Everyone

   What a full day, rich and varied, lush and a little harried at times. I got home and had fifteen minutes in which to reach my preordained dinner engagement with my friend Rae. I decide to take a shower and lo and behold it is time to be there. This is where the harried part comes in. I hurriedly get changed into my best ( and only )white shirt and black slacks; we are going to see Bobby McFerrin after dinner and am hurrying out the door when no wallet. Oh fuckedy fuck fuck. Panic. Phone Rae, busy. Fuck edy. Find the wallet in a pocket of the fleese I am wearing but don’t usually put it.    Ok but by this time I am pretty far gone into frazzle, wound up like a top. Get there. Apologise, have a good dinner and go hang out with Bobby McFerrin.  He’s a beauty. Singing his heart out with his daughter and the rest of his band.

   May the blessings be.

  Much Love……..    Paul


Friday Night Renewal…… June 6th – 2014

Welcome Friends

     Here once again after a hiatus of many months. Recently renewed, revitalized and refreshed after reading from my upcoming book ” Woof ” at a gathering at the Church of Truth here in Victoria BC. Now determined to plunge into publishing and why not eh? I have received such good feedback along with one negative review of the first two chapters which stopped me in my tracks for a period of time bringing to the surface many self doubts. You know I am grateful for this review for it helped clear the cobwebs. Sitting here now at my Mac Book having come through an almost debilitating day of Hayfever I know I am meant to do this writing thing, to publish and most of all to read. I absolutely love to read from my book in front of people and it is not just my book but bringing any reading to life is a very gratifying experience.

    Soon I will get a Crowd Funding campaign going in order to raise monies to help cover the costs of self-publishing and printing. That is unless I get picked up by some publisher and offered a sweet deal. I’l let you know…

    Might just as well dream big eh, Victoria today Oprah tomorrow.

Love, Love, Love