Friday Night Renewal…… June 6th – 2014

Welcome Friends

     Here once again after a hiatus of many months. Recently renewed, revitalized and refreshed after reading from my upcoming book ” Woof ” at a gathering at the Church of Truth here in Victoria BC. Now determined to plunge into publishing and why not eh? I have received such good feedback along with one negative review of the first two chapters which stopped me in my tracks for a period of time bringing to the surface many self doubts. You know I am grateful for this review for it helped clear the cobwebs. Sitting here now at my Mac Book having come through an almost debilitating day of Hayfever I know I am meant to do this writing thing, to publish and most of all to read. I absolutely love to read from my book in front of people and it is not just my book but bringing any reading to life is a very gratifying experience.

    Soon I will get a Crowd Funding campaign going in order to raise monies to help cover the costs of self-publishing and printing. That is unless I get picked up by some publisher and offered a sweet deal. I’l let you know…

    Might just as well dream big eh, Victoria today Oprah tomorrow.

Love, Love, Love


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