Who am I

     Who am I to be sitting here on a beautiful beach on this sunny end of October day, after stripping down and having a baptism in the sparkling clear, frigid Ocean water.

    Asking for courage, clarity, strength to carry on my mission, to carry on my vision of expansion of turning over rocks, inner rocks on this journey to salvation, my salvation is everyone’s salvation. I am gifted with this incredible natural healing setting: a tiny beach on an unpopulated Southern Gulf Island, to cleanse, to test, to challenge and grow along lines I do not even know about but where faith will carry me.

Please may I conjure up enough Faith to be carried to the next discovery, the next station, The Faith Stations, such as this one. Stopping for a time to replenish, to top up. The big city drains.

     After being carried for years by the service structure of Twelve Step Fellowships; plugging in to help the ” less fortunate “, I now seek something new, or is it seeking me? I open up, let down defences, pay attention. This path, my path being a marriage of personality and spirit, ( though it is supreme when being alone is present ), the Way is through the physical, this exquisite body that leads me time and again back to the inner richness, the inner dazzling, deep, dark unknown.

    Who am I on this journey? Is the unanswerable question, leading me on. Thank you. Bless you.


There is nothing more satisfying then walking along a log, barefoot, feeling totally present, in the Body.



Hello Friends

    Blogging, like breathing is something that comes naturally to me. I was reading a blog by Tad Hargrave and authenticity came into my mind. Tad does something called ” Niching for Hippies ” and I qualify, as a hippy that is or at least in my own mind.

     Enough for today…. One day soon I’ll break the barrier and write something really long and meaningful.   Stay tuned