Solstice 2014

Happy Solstice Everyone

   What a full day, rich and varied, lush and a little harried at times. I got home and had fifteen minutes in which to reach my preordained dinner engagement with my friend Rae. I decide to take a shower and lo and behold it is time to be there. This is where the harried part comes in. I hurriedly get changed into my best ( and only )white shirt and black slacks; we are going to see Bobby McFerrin after dinner and am hurrying out the door when no wallet. Oh fuckedy fuck fuck. Panic. Phone Rae, busy. Fuck edy. Find the wallet in a pocket of the fleese I am wearing but don’t usually put it.    Ok but by this time I am pretty far gone into frazzle, wound up like a top. Get there. Apologise, have a good dinner and go hang out with Bobby McFerrin.  He’s a beauty. Singing his heart out with his daughter and the rest of his band.

   May the blessings be.

  Much Love……..    Paul


Friday Night Renewal…… June 6th – 2014

Welcome Friends

     Here once again after a hiatus of many months. Recently renewed, revitalized and refreshed after reading from my upcoming book ” Woof ” at a gathering at the Church of Truth here in Victoria BC. Now determined to plunge into publishing and why not eh? I have received such good feedback along with one negative review of the first two chapters which stopped me in my tracks for a period of time bringing to the surface many self doubts. You know I am grateful for this review for it helped clear the cobwebs. Sitting here now at my Mac Book having come through an almost debilitating day of Hayfever I know I am meant to do this writing thing, to publish and most of all to read. I absolutely love to read from my book in front of people and it is not just my book but bringing any reading to life is a very gratifying experience.

    Soon I will get a Crowd Funding campaign going in order to raise monies to help cover the costs of self-publishing and printing. That is unless I get picked up by some publisher and offered a sweet deal. I’l let you know…

    Might just as well dream big eh, Victoria today Oprah tomorrow.

Love, Love, Love



Who am I

     Who am I to be sitting here on a beautiful beach on this sunny end of October day, after stripping down and having a baptism in the sparkling clear, frigid Ocean water.

    Asking for courage, clarity, strength to carry on my mission, to carry on my vision of expansion of turning over rocks, inner rocks on this journey to salvation, my salvation is everyone’s salvation. I am gifted with this incredible natural healing setting: a tiny beach on an unpopulated Southern Gulf Island, to cleanse, to test, to challenge and grow along lines I do not even know about but where faith will carry me.

Please may I conjure up enough Faith to be carried to the next discovery, the next station, The Faith Stations, such as this one. Stopping for a time to replenish, to top up. The big city drains.

     After being carried for years by the service structure of Twelve Step Fellowships; plugging in to help the ” less fortunate “, I now seek something new, or is it seeking me? I open up, let down defences, pay attention. This path, my path being a marriage of personality and spirit, ( though it is supreme when being alone is present ), the Way is through the physical, this exquisite body that leads me time and again back to the inner richness, the inner dazzling, deep, dark unknown.

    Who am I on this journey? Is the unanswerable question, leading me on. Thank you. Bless you.


There is nothing more satisfying then walking along a log, barefoot, feeling totally present, in the Body.


Going Boldly Forward

     Well ok here I am back in the Blogisphere after a hiatus of too long for this developing writer. I have hit new levels of stuckness in the march toward publishing; unknown fears of success and who knows what else, besides the lack of funds, stopping me from plying the waters of the literary world.

 I move back into the bach pad with John and now Nathan, a writer sent to help and test me in a variety of ways, as he takes over my old room, set up by me, and gives me a book called, ” What is Stopping You ” by Rick Hoogendoorn, subtitle, ” Breakthroughs using The Work of Byron Katie “. I do the written work of finding what is in my blind-spot that is stopping me and presto call an editor I’ve known about for awhile who says yes he will work with me but is no longer around here and so our contact will have to be only over the internet. Not acceptable to me.

    Back to square one and last Saturday I meet a new editor and will call her tomorrow.

OK…. ” The Return of the Playful Warrior ” the play-shop I playsillitate is on with two starts, one last Wednesday and the next one in two days on the Oneness Wednesdays at The Church of Truth in Victoria BC so if you want to take in something fun, original never to be duplicated before or since then come on down…. Look it up on the Church Website.

This creation has been a real eyeopener… Don’t even worry about it, create, create, create, Get it out of your system!!!

Remember, we are just channels so don’t take it personally. When I saw Elizabeth Gilbert present regarding this on TED talks I thought YES we are only conduits, don’t take it personally. I was devastated when I got the first negative criticism of my new book, my new and as yet unborn child,  OMG, where is the bastard I will go and kill him and all his unborn relations, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY, easy for Elizabeth Gilbert to say.

     Going to the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival, a highlite of my summer, taught me that it’s a journey to don’t take it personally. Neo didn’t come to effortlessness overnight so keep plodding grasshopper.

   And with that this grasshopper will sign off for another night.

Blessing to all and to all a good night.

Talking Heads

Hello Friends,,,,,  I was listening to The Talking heads earlier today and the line from a song of theirs came to mind, “I don’t have to prove that I am creative. “”

   Reading Katherine Monks book on Joni Mitchell, “Joni “… The creative Odyssey of Joni Mitchell and there it is again Creative…. cReAt i  vE……   We/I need to take responsibility for creating my own reality…. There it is every last little bit of it , I AM CREATING……  Ya Ok me that’s right me I am creating , there that feels good….

One of these days maybe I’ll tune into some deeper levels of being and write some really profound stuff…. but for now , this is as good as it gets…. Beautiful Huh!



Hello Friends

    Blogging, like breathing is something that comes naturally to me. I was reading a blog by Tad Hargrave and authenticity came into my mind. Tad does something called ” Niching for Hippies ” and I qualify, as a hippy that is or at least in my own mind.

     Enough for today…. One day soon I’ll break the barrier and write something really long and meaningful.   Stay tuned 

I blog therefore I am…

Hello Friends , Fellow Bloggers and curiousity seekers

I am afraid I am losing my edge or maybe I never had one in the first place. I actually did a little practice with Typing Tutorial today.   Yea….  A good start. Well actually I checked it out before but never did any practice. Hey this is kinda fun in a weird sort of a way.

You see what it is, is that I don’t really know who I am writing for. Kind of strange. Declare yourselves…. What? I didn’t hear you!  What do you mean I’m going looney hanging out all by myself on the Gulf Islands. Hey!!!   How about a new name! We’ve already officially renamed the Strait of Georgia the Salish Sea, Yea, so it’s high time we renamed the Southern Gulf Islands… Are you with me on this???   My readership.?

I think ya’ll must be a little crazy. Look what you are pulling out of me.   Actually the Gulf Island name change is a pretty sane idea.  OK, Bye for now..

Paul Monfette…. Author…” Woof “